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Product Descriptions

Vehicle Repair History (VRH)

VRH is a service provided to Underwriting departments through the AutoPlus report on new auto applicants. The data is made up of insurance company paid claims data provided by CarProof and is meant to fill the voids that are currently present on the AutoPlus report. The insured and repair history are uniquely connected through the Vehicle Identification Number.

There are two kinds of VRH incidents from CarProof—Repair Estimates and Valuations.  A repair estimate is completed after the incident. A valuation is for an estimation of the replacement value of the vehicle before it was damaged.

North American Vehicle Branding

Vehicle branding is very important information when buying or insuring a vehicle. It is essential to know what kind of brands exist on that vehicle. Insurance companies write off approximately 100,000 vehicles each year in Ontario alone. Many of these “write-offs” find their way back onto roads illegally or are sold to unsuspecting consumers. The vehicles may be severely damaged and unsafe to drive. This is why it is imperative to know what kinds of brands exist on that vehicle. Through CarProof i2iQ is able to provide insurers with real time branding alerts from across North America. For example, an imported vehicle from the US may have been branded as non-repairable due to water damage as a result of a hurricane or a flood.


Whether an insurer needs a valuation for Main Street or high-value homes, log cabins, manufactured homes, condos, co-ops, commercial or farm and ranch properties, e2Value has the ITV tool for you. i2iQ now offers Pronto, the online replacement cost valuator that provides instant insurance values. Obtain a complete property report with only the property’s address. i2iQ is a leading provider of web-based Insurance-to-Value information.

LMITS – Lease Management and Insurance Tracking System   LMTS

A total Canadian solution for Lease Management, verification and tracking of current insurance status and coverage of all vehicles in a leasing company’s or lender’s portfolio including commercial fleets.

LMITS maintains a secure database of all VINs in the portfolio. Access to a centralized Canadian auto insurance database allows i2iQ to monitor your portfolio for regular updates on current insurance status.

LMITS alerts the client to material changes in coverage such as:

  • Cancellation of coverage due to non-payment of premium
  • Mid-term cancellation by insurer or policyholder
  • Lapsed coverage
  • Change in coverage amounts

Where material changes have occurred, LMITS will:

  • Follow up with contact letters, emails and calls according to the client’s requirements.
  • Send hard copy letters to brokers/agents requesting full information
  • Confirm coverages
  • Record responses from brokers/agents
  • Track written notifications of change of insurer
  • Add scanned documents to client’s database
  • Verification of mandatory liability coverage
  • Provide instant online access to all scanned documents


Tracks and verifies insurance status and coverage’s of a client’s portfolio instantly online by simply keying in a VIN. VINs are regularly submitted to a centralized Canadian auto insurance database to verify status and coverage. iVALU is an established service that has been providing real time insurance verification for 10+ years.

ALERTS identify material changes in coverage:

  • Cancellation of coverage due to non-payment of premium
  • Cancellation at mid-term by insurer or policyholder
  • Lapsed coverage
  • Cancellation for other reasons . . . and more.

Clients can access one- off reports or simply submit portfolio information electronically. Clients specify the triggers for ‘Alert Reports’ and i2iQ provides them with overnight turnaround.

iVALU Information includes:

  • Vehicle coverage status
  • Policy status
  • Insurance company
  • Policy number
  • Policy effective date/term
  • Last vehicle update
  • Vehicle coverage effective date/term
  • Vehicle use
  • Coverage amounts:
    • Third-party liability
    • Collision
    • Comprehensive
    • Accident benefits
    • Deductibles

Bureau+  bureau

Bureau+ is a REAL TIME risk assessment alert facility designed primarily to be used by lenders to screen an applicant. The product predominantly analyzes the consumer’s insurance history in detail and provides pertinent information for the risk assessment process.

Allowing the lender to assess the consumer’s insurance history in addition to credit information can be very revealing from a risk assessment standpoint.

i2iQ will provide testing and work directly with the client to customize the Bureau+ process which best suits that financial institution. It is a very affordable product and provided in REAL TIME which allow lenders to maintain an efficient turnaround when assessing a new applicant.

Turning Information into Intelligence

About i2iQ

i2iQ Inc. is one of Canada’s more innovative information brokers with an unparalleled depth of experience in designing and delivering automated information products. By packaging information from untapped sources in innovative combinations.


i2iQ Inc. prides itself with its continuing success, working partnerships and strategic alliances it has established. i2iQ is very proud of its partners and the way in which it has been able to grow together in multiple market.


Working with information allows i2iQ to turn information into intelligence within a variety of different markets across Canada. Today, i2iQ is firmly established in three different markets: Property and Casualty Insurance, Automotive Industry,Financial Service.